6th of February i was in London – amazing – as i arrive the sun was shining and i did the right decission to bring my sunglases there – even my friends told me in London is always raining. My reply: not when i´m travel – i booked the sunny side of the life hahahaha

Thank you Runner´s World UK for this nice article and thank you Runner´s World Ger for handover to your collegues in UK.

Besides that 361° Europe, Freestak und Sportsshoes.com had an good and awesome Product lounch in UK London – and i was invited to give a introduction of my project and experiance there.

We meet at Mile27 in a nice district in London and mile27 is a nice Cáfe for runners and other sport enthusiast people. You come in and feel like home. No one looks strange to you, everyone is like a runner friend and especially what i like: no long talk and introduction, all think the same and all have the same goal – have fun in that what we are doing.

Simon from Freestak.com introduced me his work and prepared with me the last details for my presentation and the chance for all the runners to test the 361° shoes. Johanna and Ron from 361°Europe have been quite exited as well.

Together with Sportsshoes.com  we prepared some interesting views of shoes, running and what i did in 2017.

As i can´t run myself currantly they went out for a relaxed run about 7k to Primrosehill where they had an awesome view to London and as the weather was really good they could enjoy this view. Johanna again the next day told me exited about this.

Before i had a chance to talk about my experiance in a interview with Men´s Running UK as well which was interesting as the questions are very detailed and show huge interest in the story – Thank you – thats inspire me 🙂

After all the runners finished we meet in a nice restaurant to had chinese food and enjoy good talks and share the spirit of London runners.

For me the most impressive was that the people in mile27 and at the event all show so much passion to the running and are really interested in the story of running the silkroad. I can feel it by the questions and the small talk we had the whole evening and event.

Great – i´ll come back soon – but than i´ll already recovered i hope and join a run with you guys…

London and Primrosehill is definately a place #youshouldrunhere

P.S. Some of the people i meet there you can find on instagram – see below the pictures their instagram

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