12 countries – over 5000km now by bike. Hello, I’m Kai Markus. In 2017 I ran a cultural bridge marathon from Hamburg to Shanghai. Broke me both heel bones and now I am after the surgury and almost at the end of my rehab.

After i realized my life dream and run the silkroad more than 11000 km on my own feet – daily 60-80 km i knew:

„if i can imagine it – i can do it!“

But the same time i realized – if you not take it serious and too easy than life dreams can not be realized. So i starterd my new initiative „cycle and run = fun“ Building bridges in Europe.

And again the UNWTO supports my initative wich makes me proud and happy…


Its not that easy for me as i still not finished my complete recovery and treatment of my feet – but also the same time i have all my screws and metal plates in both feet. Why?

2017 i broke both of my heel bones in a complicated fracture – many pieces and a long surgery. But give up is not a option and not to give up is a word many use to easy – i proof myself to show its worth and possible…

But I can not keep quiet and relaxed. International understanding, fight prejudices and show how to realize life dreams do not let me rest and stop.

So I get on a bike (my first big bike ride at all)

thank you to follow my blog – even i´m not a good blog writer i hope you will finds some inspiration and if you like – i´m happy you share my story…

what´s with me…


What do I have in my bags with me? Far too much probably. * all products marked with (*) have been provided free of charge, donated or the things were loaned to me for free.

lets start with the basics

Then my „donkey bags“. Since I have no desire to work with broken material on the way and I did not get the bags of a suitable sponsoring in time, my choice here fell on Ortlieb Waterproofe.


donky bike from Bergamont

Bige ones at the back and small ones at the front – they call it „low rider“ and i had to learn a lot of new words about cycling stuff.

Front pannier about each 4 KG – Back pannier about 6KG filled. 

Ah before forgot – i install the Thule tour rack at the front – i thoght it´s a high quality brand – but to let you know already here – it was wrong to thingk that way. 

Added with a rack pack and my favorite back pack MOUNTAINX 31

But, whats inside all this bags?

Something to sleep, record and many other useless stuff as i found out – hahahaha too much like always…

self designed helmet and my WeSpot tracker

for nights:


  • 361° Shorts, shirts und running tights (i know them already from my marthon Hamburg-Shangahi)*
  • Vaude Moab Rain Pants
  • socks (noname)
  • Bergamont shirt *
  • Project shirt and softshell jacket and sweatshirts
  • of course underwear (no name)
  • Fleecejacket (noname)


  • cooker (gaz) 
  • 2 Gazballons
  • Headlamp
  • extra light
  • Swiss knife tool
  • Leatherman multitool
  • Zippo lighter and fuel 

that´s all?

not at all – as i said – much too much – hahaha

no that´s all? No…

  • Spareparts like chain, bicycle tube and bike coat
  • washing stuff
  • first aid set (Tatonka compact)

and now – finished?

no, not at all…

  • Biogena (Vitamin D, Protein, …)*
  • SanPharma (Wundspray, Siliziumdioxid, amaSan, …)*
  • toilettpaper
  • MacBook air
  • iPhone 6plus
  • and some other small items

All together about 40 kg plus Bike about 11kg und myself about 75kg – so at least roughly 120-130 kg – depending how much water and food i add a day…


my shoes – 361° good for running and cycling


the way to denmarks north coast

I decided to start at the Flørli-stairs . So i had to come to Lysefjord in some way …

On Saturday at about 10: 00 clock i went off in Hamburg finally. The first part was by car to Hirthals in northern Denmark at the top edge. Past Flensburg – across the border – always straight up.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-09-07 um 12.01.22.png

At the height of Neumümster then a call from home: „i just come home, you forgot your helmet…“ 

Crap, the helmet, nicely pasted and equipped with my Garmin Virb 30 helmet cam. Ahhhhhgrrrrrrr 

Well, drive back was nonsense there was already a mega traffic jam. So briefly called the taxi center: „what does it cost to get a helmet with me and drive to Neumünster?“ —> „roughly? about 100€“ – oh no!!!

I asked my friends if anyone had time to bring the helmet. 

A) no one is avaliable

B) It would have taken too long first to me then to Neumümster, there we were already tens of KM further. 

So driven out in Neumünster, bought an equally green but simple helmet, eaten something and continue.

I have to tar my helmet so I promised my little one: „Never Cycle without helmet…!“ and since my eh no name was cheap, it does the cheap replacement so well. 

So, than continue to Hirthals.

Border? completely unspectacular. Only a grim-looking frontier and a few barriers. Nothing of traffic jams, big border controls and anything the like that what i always hear in the news… 

Then, just before Hirthals the next „bad news“. Since I had to go from Stavanger with a ferry to Flørli stairs that was pretty stupid: The email from Vistflam: „……Unfortunately, the boat got technical problems and the departure will be cancelled.

There will be an replacement boat, however this one is a passenger boat only and vehicles cannot be taken on board. ….“

If only I were running I would hardly have any news: „Running shoes can not be transported …“. Well. First, check what options there are. 

At about 18:00 clock then finally arrived in Hirthals where i get something to eat to strenghten myself for the ferry tour to norway.

Unpack the bike, saddle up and head for the ferry.

For me the first time on a ferry with a bike. So first look how it works. „Row 5“ meant the nice lady at the counter – I had to line up with all the cars.

So on to row 5. There were already 2-3 other bikers and some motor bikers.

And then it went over a ramp up to the ferry. Lower entrance. So at ground level. Now it was time to fix the bike. I was the last one and so I had to do with the left place on a pillar. Let´s go to Stavanger.

I had booked the simplest version. Sleeper chair instead of cabin. Overall, the fun cost but still 147, – € with Fjordline. Hirthals – Stavanger. Depature 20:00 pm and arrival at 6:30 am.

I was only able to enjoy the beautiful sunset on deck bucks I had to take care of the topic „Ferry to Flørly“.

Later in the evening I stayed in the dorm – adding the beautiful leather sleeper seats to a pleasant conversation with a Dutch couple. On the way with the camper to explore Norway. Where exactly? No plan. First up to Bergen by ferry.

I could not sleep anyway so first took care of the ferry case to Flørli.

The onward journey

Starvanger to Flørli…


Well, arrived in Starvanger it went off board. I wanted to ride with the bike because I could not test it yet. I got it on Friday afternoon and on Saturday i started already …

So I drove a piece with the knowledge that it would not reach to the ferry by time – it was planned otherwise.

Heavy rain and wind at the beginning taught me to control the bike quickly … Not so easy with all the luggage … but finally i get to the place where the next ferry should bring me to Flørli stairs…

Bildschirmfoto 2018-09-07 um 12.45.21.png

how i continue there and what happens in Norway you can read here…

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