Gobi Walk – opening ceremony of the 1. Silkroad Camping and Hiking festival – tourism, sport and culture

The video should give you a very simple impression about the size and inspiration there. More will follow soon.

Gobi Challenge 1000×1000

5 days about 1500 people and a well known historical City Dunhuang in Gansu Province.

Attending the really important and inspiring meeting and opening ceremony of the Gobi Walk – Camping and Hiking, but also Yoga and many cooperating meetings are held there. The same time several very unique tourist places all around china get awarded.

International audience appear and show respect to the leaders and organizers but also to the society and athletes in Dunhuang. Specialist and representatives from The whole world like EU, Germany, France, Italy, USA, Tadschikistan and many others are taken part.

Several speeches are leading the whole opening ceremony and one of the highlights was indeed my own speech. As a runner who crossed several deserts and in total was running around 6500km in desert but also attend a Gobi Hiking the athletes get inspired for their 108 KM gobi Hiking and we set up many new friendships in Dunhuang.

About 1000 people heading to the desert and get their inspiration, learn how to come over the own limit and how to breakdown fear and pain.

Besides that nearly 1000 women and man attend a “mega” yoga morning which was inspiring everyone also as a not active Yoga people.

Dunhuang in Gansu and the Gobi are places where you can proof your willpower, Phisican and mental fitness and endurance. But not only – this places are also to proof and set up friendships. Who cross the desert together learn to cooperate, communicate and what means professional but also efficient operating.

As representative of Germany and in order to set up several cooperations between China and german athlete associations I was highly appreciated how professional but also efficient and inspiring the whole event was planned, structured and operated.

Representatives from national tourism bureau, culture affairs and national sports bureau have not only supported but also attend the opening ceremony.

As I’m the one who run from Hamburg to Shanghai 11249 km and breakdown prejudice and motivates to chase your life dream by hard work and lifelong learning I’m happy I had such a chance there.

Again I have a good story to share in Germany and europe and it will help not only for a better understanding but also to attract investments along the belt and road and shows the great opportunities of made in china products and services.

As I will continue my work I’m really appreciated to get further support and backup for my work. This will help us all to give the bridge I set up already successful with color, flowers and the spirit of a positiv growing relationship.

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