12.000 km – 里丝绸之路德国至中国a

Day 17 – Leaving Poland

Now we have day 17 and we just before the border to Belarus. 

We leaving Poland which was about 10 days 18.-28.03. our home. About 38,000,000 people and we had crossed the whole country from west to east. About 800 km running in Poland i only saw one Marathon (Warsaw) and in total only 5 runners on my way. 

What’s the States or Bundesländer in Germany or the provinces in china is called Voivodeships of Poland and in (Polish) Województwa Polski. There are 16 of them and we crossed 5 of them. 

All the people are so helping and friendly. 

We meet families and visit their home,

we had visit a car garage to make the back of the beatle stronger

we had local food and beer and 

we saw Poznan as one of the typically polish cities. 

We never experienced and bad things, no real problems. When you run along the big streets in Poland you’ll pass many private houses. All protected by dogs. Small, middle and big size. At the beginning often I was scared when just a dog jump around and shouting to me. But after 2-3 days I get used to it and know: they just do their job. Protect home. 

At the last day there was also an husky dog running with me and don’t want leave me. 
We tested some of our material the first time like our Drohne and we learned to setup step by step our own daily rhythm.

Victor and me had a lot of good experiences together and match really good.

All supplements and nutritions victor prepared like a caring „mom“ but also sometimes we simply forgot to take them.

Also we had visits from several media like CCTV and Xinhua New and others from Poland.

Article 1 (Chinese)

Article 2 (Chinese)

Also we finished the first 1000km in a sunny day on polands street.

Also after more than 1000km I don’t have any blisters or serious medical problems. A small accident at day 2/3 leads to constantly pain on my twisted feed but I learned to ignore it as good as possible. 

Also some stronger pain which was to expect at my Achilles, shin bone and knees are there. But with the MSG Geel from Biogena it’s phantastic recovery and cooling. 

The main problem is some flying „things“ on the street from all the trucks.

Thank you for be our host dear Poland 

At about 2:00pm we will meet two locals who help us come over the border and learn some of the basics for our time there. Belarus for us also „White Russia“ will be the next country on our tour but first we want say good by to our new friends in Poland….

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  1. U.N.C.L.E. April 17, 2017

    Wie geht es vorran und ist der Wagenheber gefunden?
    Mit Andy planen wir evtl. das StopOverVisum für Shanghai zu nutzen um beim Zieleinlauf dabei zu sein.
    Helmut mit Heike

    • youshouldrunhere April 17, 2017 — Autor der Seiten

      Wagenheber gefunden. Alles im grünen Bereich. – das wäre super. Victor und ich würden uns sehr freuen 🙂


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