12.000 km – 里丝绸之路德国至中国a

1000k – middle of Poland

Today after Lunchtime with sunny warm weather Victor and i get over the 1000 kilometer line. 

​See our greetings at my YOUTUBE or YOUKU Chanel 
It was surprisingly Victor and me because we feel how fast time is flying. 

Emotionally today was not a good day. But this is an extra story. Now we are here and happy for the first 1000km. This means only 5000km to Chinese border and 11000km to Shanghai 🙂

The nice thing is that the 1000kikometer mark is nearly in the middle of Poland. 

So we had something to think about why this happens like this – Hahahaha 

The next day we will arrive in Warsaw and there we’ll meet also the next media. 

Also near Warsaw I have to change to my next pair of shoes.

Thank you all for your great support …


Kai Markus 


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