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Cultural impression Poznan/Poland

The first rest and culture day was in Poznan/Poland. Poznań is among the oldest cities in Poland. With about 550000 citizens Poznan is the 5th biggest city in Poland and also university, industry and trading city. 

Many people we meet Speech German or English which was helpful for our communication.

My personal impression in Poznan is the same like in whole Poland for now…. 

People are not only nice. They really want help you when you have a problem. They spent several time to support you to a good solution. Like we need to register poland SIM card for the phone. In one of the big shops first they check all employees who speak English or German the best. Than this guy make a own search in internet to find the best place and print it out directly for us. He also had a longer talk about the terorrism in London one day before. Than we agreed both that 5% crazy people all around the world demage the trust and reputation of 95% of the others. He mentions also the polish truck driver who tried to stop the bad guy at the attack in Berlin christmass market and I saw he was very proud about „his personal hero“ and sad the same time that one of his society loose his life. 

All around the polish people they agreed that the www.runmysilkroad.com project just come at the right time for connections our societies and countries. 

Helping like the guys from garbusy.pl with our little checkup for the bug or when victor made his car higher… see more at so let’s go 360

My impression about Poznan people is they are really friendly if you need any help. Also the real old tradition of Poznan and citizen is difficult to find. In any case it’s nice to hear some rap and other music in polish language. Feels so different and the same time so familiar. Music and running connects 🙂

We visit the ole brewery building which is a modern and interesting shopping mall now. The old and new brick stone architecture was attracting me and remind me to the same Typ of buildings in Hamburg. 

Poznan Old Town and the place around have many of restaurants cafeterias and small shops. And off course it’s not only a historical place, it’s also a major tourist attraction. Poznan become a City at 1253 and the old market was set up the same time.

The mechanized goats, which are the official symbol of Poznan butts their heads every day noon time which ja quite funny to see. 

The Poznan marathon which is established in 2000 is the biggest one in Poland. 

The Poznan marathon records are man: 2:11:53 h, Cosmas Mutuku Kyeva (KEN), 2011 and Women: 2:31:55 h, Irene Chepkirui Makori (KEN), 2014

See 2016 at YouTube: Poznan Marathon

2017 Marathon at Runnersworld

Victor and me had a lot of fun there. Also accompanied with the family who come oder from hamburg for one day. 


One of the food I like there was Crêpes. Really delicious.

But Victor and me also using the time to discuss the next steps and days…

Also I didn’t bring any normal clothes besides my 361° sport clothes. So I decide to buy a jeans there. And change my clothes on the street to wa up. Sport clothes warm for running but to less for sightseeing – smile

See some other little impressions from a short walk in the city center of Poznan …

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  1. helmut März 24, 2017

    schön so viele Bilder von Posen und Euch zu sehen.
    Ich Gedanken laufe ich jeden Tag mit.
    Wir hoffen das wir uns bald in Weißrußland sehen.
    Gruß von Föhr

    • youshouldrunhere März 24, 2017 — Autor der Seiten

      Hello Heike, hallo Helmut, wir freuen uns auch schon riesig auf Euch und am allermeisten der Victor. Ist ja nicht mehr lange :))


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