12.000 km – 里丝绸之路德国至中国a

1. week – 1. country

The first week is finished, the first rest day reached and the first pair of shoes are ready to sent home. Today you will get a short summary about what happens.

At first place: Victor and me fit´s very well – the basic is: he understand my needs as runner and the full project of www.runmysilkroad.com but i also understand his love to his vintage car „the Bugavan“ and his needs to accept rules for this car and his project „www.soletsgo360.com“ by the way, Victors main sponsor is DRK Wyk e.V. http://www.inselarzt.de – tha

After an great Start event at 12th of march with a lot of media from radio, TV and Newspapers I run to Geesthacht, the first stop on my 12,000km long tour to Shanghai. The followers, step by step leaving me. First 361° group, than some others and the firefighters. Arrived in Geesthacht our neighborhood get alarmed by our „re packing“ party. So they come over and want know what we are doing there. As bonus we are invited by our new friends for bread, coffee and the next morning also 50€ for our food and fuel.Victor and me must find a good way to prepare all equipment in the little „Käfer“ (Bug) and the camping Waggon which is not that easy as you can see…But after maybe 2 hours, the help of Frank and his Girlfriend my wife and other friends come to take some stuff home and say „good by“

The next morning our other camping neighbors help us with an charging cable which we need because each place have diffrent plugs. For Victor I find out, the most important is coffee at morning time. So see his smile after he find the gaz stove. As team we have to care both on all our equipment so if there is anything to repair its „our“ both job. And morning routine means also put everything back to the Waggon and prepare for the run. 

After Geesthacht my next run bring us to Boizenburg than Grabow, Kyritz and finally Hohen Neuendorf (Berlin) and than to the polish border 


perfect understanding of our needs and cooperation – Victor care much about my supplements and i care a lot for the Bug and the heavy weight the car from 1984 have to pull. Victor is easy freezing – i´m easy sweating.

On our way we had meet up together for several stops at craft stores. We need to build in some boards to store our stuff and adjust the car more to our needs. Vic and me finally get crazy for going into such kind of stores.

people on the way…

Victor and me are very happy about all the friendly people we meet on the way, often we are invited for coffee, food or get some donation for fuel and food from them. All the way i can see Victor´s smile when the people stop to watch his Bugavan and starting questions about our project


it´s starts very well but the 2nd day i had little accident. I had to jump away from an truck who did´t see me. So i twisted my left feet and it hurts for more than 5 days. This make me to use sometimes (when the pain is too strong ) the kick-board to support. Victor stops all 5-10 km for deliver me my Biogena protein shake

Also my Sensation2 from 361degree is making a very good job. About 490k without blisters or specific pain from the shoe I decide to change to a new pair at boarder to Poland.

the weather was cold but most of time dry at the beginning – than it chances to stormy, rainy and even snow. Also frozen night´s we had.

So we had to dry our clothes in the Waggon who is already completely full.

because the little accident my legs had more pain on the shin and feed – the pain force me to run not balanced. Now at Day 8 it is getting better. Also i can see clearly without the supplements – especially omega3 and magnesium it is getting more difficult than expected. Victor and me often forgot to take the supplements at the right time – we not find our good system for this right now.
an other big problem is all the things are flying around from the big trucks. Things like this bump into me once so I startet care more for the trucks they are passing by.

An other problem are small stones. You will not feel them directly and fast but this little stones will make blisters at my feet very fast. Luckily right now i don’t have any blisters. But I stop very often to take out the little stones. As long I’m not running for speed I can spent this time to prevent. 

Now 21th of march is the 1. rest day and I’ll experience some polish things in Posen.

Some local food experience we already get when we are invited by one of our new friends to his family and home. His brother lives in Buchara and his father told us a lot about Buchara as well. It was quite interesting to see pictures of Buchara in the home of Poland friends. And, Kotlet was so delicious 

See you here after posen experience :))

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  1. U.N.C.L.E. März 21, 2017

    New drugs are comming soon,
    keep out for the bug and for your feed


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