12.000 km – 里丝绸之路德国至中国a

Starting soon…. Update for the start…

Hello all my friends….

the last days are really tough but i´m also happy to start soon.

Today i´ll give you an update about the upcoming event and you should not miss it.

Every one who come to this farewell is pure motivation for me – so don’t hesitate to bring your family, friends and colleagues as well…

12th March 2017

Beginn 10:00 am

Platz der Deutschen Einheit – Elbphilharmonie

 What will happen on this event?

  • 10:00 Sophie Hofer (MODERATION) will start the Event officially

  • 10:05 short „hello“ from Victor Neubauer  (Driver of the 1984 beatle) and me Kai Markus Xiong (athlete)

  • 10:10 District Leader Falko Droßmann from free and hanseatic city of hamburg

  • 10:15 Mrs. Wang – Chinese General Consulate 

  • 10:20 Speeches of Sponsors
  1. Jurian Elstgeest (General Manager Europe 361degrees
    361degree supporting the project with shoes, sport gear and related material for running, also 361degree supporting the flight tickets for the Preparation Team from Hamburg to China and help with logistics and media
  2. Torsten Dreyer (General Manager) – ChinaTours
    ChinaTours providing the tour planning, organizing visa and permits but also help with logistic support and local contacts
  1. Liu, Zhongping (Managing Director) COSCO Shipping Europe GmbH
    COSCO Shipping Europe GmbH is supporting financially and logistic but also some organization support
  1. Prof. Dr. med. János Winkler – (Clinic owner) Fundamed
    Prof. Winkler is one to the TOP100 speakers in Europe and the medical director for www.runmysilkroad.com. Fundamed providing medical check up, body examination, medical consulting and preparation 
  1. Cornelia Bali – BIOGENA
    BIOGENA supporting the full package of supplements and nutritions including scientific calculation and support about nutrition setup in Kooperation with Prof. Dr. med. János Winkler
  1.  Dr. Jens-Christian Posselt (lawyer) –  bdp Team
    Dr. Jens-Christian Posselt provide consulting and checkup about legal cases and sponsor contracts. Also Dr. Posselt is equipped with full power of authority during the time from www.runmysilkroad.com. 
  2.  Christoph Vilanek -(CEO) Freenet Group AG
    Freenet is financially supporting the project – also freenet will support the needed connectivity during the project for upload videos and pictures by data roaming and phone contracts
  3.  Sophie Hofer (journalist/moderation) niHao Deutschland
    niHao Deutschland is a modern and new TV format about Germans in China and Chinese in Germany. niHao Deutschland is supporting www.runmysilkroad.com financially and by media. niHao Deutschland provide the chance to show the project in TV in Germany and in China.

  • 11:15 Victor Neubauer and Kai Markus Xiong speech

  • 11:45 Fotoshootings, Interviews, personal farewells, group picture with team

  • about 12:45 Starting the tour  

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  1. Ilse März 11, 2017

    Wunderbar, dass unser Chef dich im Rathaus begrüßt hat. Wie das wohl wird, wenn du wieder da bist! Alle guten Wünsche jetzt schon mal, und dann bis morgen,


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